Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Grandpa Mercer

This past week I lost a close friend, my grandpa.  He was a great friend to me.  Jennie and I got to visit him every weekday down at the Beehive Homes.  He would do well sometimes and say a few words, tidy up his bead, chair, and blinds and just listen.  It wasn't till close to the last few days of his life did he then stay inside his room and stay in his bed.  The last time I saw him alive was several hours before he left this earth life.  He seemed to trying to go to sleep and every time he moved his feet it caused a bit of pain.  Not till the next morning that I had learned of him passing on into the next life.  I was happy, sad, and a bit angry that he died.  He served his country well by being in the military and being a faithful family member to his family.  I will always remember his wonderful smile that he had especially when we got to visit him.  I will miss him.

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