Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stand up to those who we are afraid of.

There are those type of people that torment us and because of that they have the advantage that they can do whatever they want to scare the wits out of us.  The more that we are afraid of that person the more they will maintain their presence of scaring us.  The only way to be not afraid of them is to stand up to them and show courage that we are not afraid of that person.  Then we have the advantage on our side and for that person now have no more reason to scare us and will leave us alone. 

Take the story David and Goliath.  There was the Israelite army against this big huge giant named Goliath.  He was huge compared to the regular human size.  He would traumatize the Israel army for several days saying mocking God and saying how insignificant we were compared to him.  On the third day of this Goliath asked to send out someone that would be willing to fight him.  The leaders discussed on who to send.  David told them that he would stand up to this Goliath.  They were bit afraid to send out a young boy to do an older gentlemen job.  Though sense no one else was willing to do it, David went out the next day to face Goliath.  They gave him armor to defend himself.  David was too young and not fit to wear the armor and so David took off the armor.  He went up to face Goliath and as soon as David got up there, Goliath laughed in saying that they send this young boy to fight him.  David knew what had to be done.  He had a sling with him and was told by the Lord to get a stone to put inside his sling.  David got a stone to put into his sling and swung it around above his head several times and let the stone go.  The stone left the sling and hit Goliath straight in the forehead.  He fell down backwards, dead as a doornail.   David then went up to the giant and sliced off his head and showed the rest of Goliath's army that the giant was indeed dead.  This scared the giants so much that he fled. 
Now had David or the rest of the Israel army, not faced Goliath or ran away from this big bully, Israel would have been in lot of bad stuff.  Instead someone stood up to this bully and faced him with courage and without fear.  This is the way we need to face the people who scare us.  Not to the extreme that we kill them, but to the point that we are not afraid of them. 
In our community, schools, work places, families, etc.  let us stand up to those who bully us and tell them that we are not afraid of them.  Strength in numbers is better than being the only person being tormented. If you know a friend or a family member that is being tormented help them to stop the bully. 
                            We need to stand up to bullys!

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