Sunday, May 19, 2013

Go out and serve a mission.

Being a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a great deal.  I served my mission when I was 20 years of age.  I went to serve in Houston East Texas.  It was hard at first though over time with the help of the Lord I was able to forget about home and went to work for the Lord. 

I planted lot of seeds throughout my mission.  Some I was able to baptize while others only teaching them the gospel and having someone baptize them.  One person I baptized was a teenager.  He read the whole Book of Mormon, got baptized shortly after, was given the priesthood and then a year later went on to serve a LDS mission up in New York, NY.   I am glad that I went to serve for the Lord for two years to my brothers and sisters.

Now that I'm older and am glad to see my younger relatives go on a mission and seeing them spreading the word of God is great.  Down the road when I feel along with my wife, as my companion, to serve another mission by serving the Lord where he needs the both of us to serve our fellow brothers and sisters. 

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