Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Men and Women dress modestly!

Summer is here and sometimes people like to have layer of clothes to thin for the body and like to show more skin then needs to be.  It drives me crazy to see guys working on the yard or jogging down the street with no shirt on.  It makes me want to throw a bucket of water on them and saying, "Hey put on a shirt, will you please?"  Yeah the guy looks handsome looking, but they can still do what they are doing with a shirt on instead of having it taken off! 

Here are some pictures that show how we should dress.  Not to say that as men to go around wearing dress shirt and tie and women going around wearing dresses like its Sunday everyday, but enough that its best to not show much skin instead to show more clothing and less skin.  You can wear swim wear just try to pick the clothing that shows less skin and more clothing.  That goes for both men and women!

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