Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Gift of Ultimate

There is a great DVD out there for all to watch.  It will have a great affect on your life as well as on others.  This gift is not one that is wrapped in a box covered with wrapping paper, to where you unwrap it and find a piece of paper or some big gift inside of world material item.  Nor can this be the kind to order online, nor can it be bought in a store in person. 
This type of gift is one that has to be earned and once you know what it is then share it with others (family and friends) and even better yet even total strangers (as long as you do it in a safe way).  We all have a few, some or most all of these types of gifts.
These gifts are unique in that they vary from person to someone else.  "It is better to give, then to receive".  If you know what you gift is then feel free to share it to me.  Thanks. 
These Are the 12 Ultimate Gifts.
 1. The Gift of Work
 2. The Gift of Money
 3. The Gift of Friends
 4. The Gift of Learning
 5. The Gift of Problems
  6. The Gift of Family
  7. The Gift of Laughter
  8. The Gift of Dreams
  9. The Gift of Giving
10. The Gift of Gratitude
11. The Gift of a Day
12. The Gift of Love
The final gift is the Ultimate Gift! 
 My type of gifts that I'm sure I have are, if you agree with me let me know.  Thanks. 
  • The Gift of Friends
  • The Gift of Family
  • The Gift of Gratitude
  • The Gift of Love

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