Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Message.

Once there was a town called Perfectville.  It’s where everyone lived in a perfect society.  No one ever made a mistake.  It was always a perfect meal, perfect romance, perfect family, perfect government, etc.  Because of it being perfect there was no need for lawyers, doctors, nurses, police officers, etc. There was always happiness no sadness or anger because everything was perfect. 
One day there was a very tiny idea, smaller than the smallest thing you can even see with your eye, which came into this town of Perfectville.  It came in the night when everyone was asleep and thinking of a perfect dream.  This idea just happened to land in a boy's mind in his sleep.  He didn't know it affect him till morning time.  For being perfect meant to get out of bed and get ready for the day in a perfect way.  He woke up and was supposed to stretch, but not yawn.  Somehow he did yawn.  The one thing though about this, is that he had his own room, so no one else knew he yawned but himself.  He thought "Oh no I did something that was not perfect; I should make sure I don't do anything that is an error in my life."  He then did everything the rest of the day perfect. 
The next morning the boy woke up from his perfect nap stretched his arms and yawned again.  Along with that yawn he decided to sleep in a few minutes longer than wake up.  So he went back to sleep.  Now that is something that was definite not the thing to do in Perfectville.  For when the time says to wake up you are supposed to get out of bed.  He woke up and realized the error he had done.  This time he knew he was no longer perfect but was a flaw in the community.  He got dressed and went downstairs to his perfect family.  Little did he know that as he sat down his flaws were starting to spread little by little? This boy had two parents who were perfect in everything.  They noticed that their son was somehow acting differently. 
"Son, are you okay?" said the father. 
"Yes, I'm fine!" said the boy. 
Since the boy was not perfect, he lied to his parents, which was not tolerated in Perfectville.  The parents then went about their business and leaving him to his own stuff.  The boy was starting to be a definite bad influence on others.  He did everything that was imperfect.  I won't go into details in to what bad things he did.  It would take too long.
The town held a meeting on what to do about this boy who was being a bad influence of the town.  They were thinking of kicking him out of town to go about his business elsewhere.  Some were in agreement and others not so agreed with that decision.  Though during the debate going on, one man stood up and was not known very well but had seen what the boy had done.  He spoke in a kind and gentle way, "I would take upon the sins of this boy upon myself and suffer that he would still be able to be with the community and not have to suffer in the cold world all by his lonesome.”  The town thought about this and was agreed. 
The next day the man went to the boy and had a deep conversation with him.  The boy cried for tears of joy and happiness.  Later in the day the man went and built himself a cross and carried it up a hill.  The cross was laid on the ground and the man put himself on the cross.  The men of the town then nailed his hands to the cross and his feet.  They raised the cross upright in the ground.  He suffered up on the cross and died a few short hours later.  There was a terrible storm that was never known in the land.  After the storm had passed the man was taken down and put into a tomb. 
The man was in the tomb for three days.  On the third day a few of the men/women went to see him from the tomb.  They opened the tomb and found out he was gone.  They had gone back to the town to tell the people that he was no longer there.  A short time later the man, appeared in front of the whole town and told them," I had suffered for the sins of the boy.  I have also suffered for the rest of the world as well so they may know that any sin they do I will take it upon myself so they don't have to suffer so much and now will go up to my Father to live up there in Heaven." 
This man was Jesus Christ.  He lived and did many miracles while here on Earth.  He was the only perfect person that has lived here on Earth.  We are that boy who has sin and didn't want to be kicked out of the village.  Jesus suffered our sins and bled from every pore and died on the cross.  So that we may be from sin and death and to be able to live again with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and be clean from our sins. 
Have a great Easter!

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