Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some Mormon laughter.

We all need to laugh at times at something that is funny.  As a Mormon I laugh when using a lingo and someone else thinks it totally different. 
"I'm going over to the Stake Center for a fireside on Sunday". To some that might mean going to a building that serves steak for eating or stakes for tents to be used at a campfire for the night.  What it actually means is that it’s a church building that is usually bigger than our church buildings and is going to have a spiritual meeting that Sunday evening.  There is no stakes for tents served or steaks for eating.  They will have refreshments after the meeting is over.
"I'm going to do baptisms for the dead".  Now that doesn't mean that I'm going to go to a cemetery and bring up a casket and pour water on them or put their body in a bucket of water.  What it means is going up to the temple and stand as a proxy for that person who is dead and be put completely underwater and then come back up.
If you ever heard this one, to where I was drug to the church services, drug to fireside, drug to Family Home Evening (FHE), drug to Seminary, drug to Institute, drug to the temple.  That has nothing to do with drugs at all.  That just means I was dragged by walking to church services, fireside, FHE, Seminary, Institute and to the temple.  
Family Home Evening is where the family gets together usually on a Monday night or Sunday night.  As a family usually have prayer and song to bring in the Holy Ghost.  We also have a lesson that discusses what we need to improve our lives on or any family business that needs to be discussed.  After words we close with another prayer to end the lesson to a close.  Then afterwards we usually have treats or do an activity.  It’s a way to bring the family closer to each other.
There are Mormon pages usually in our church magazines: New Era, Ensign and Friend that usually have a page just for laughter and jokes to be told.  To say that we should not have jokes or laugh about anything involved with the church then it will be a strict religion with boredom.  We need to have laughter.  Yes, some things should not be laughed about.  We should not have to restrict 100% to every LDS thing to not be laughed about. I think some take it to extreme and others not extreme enough.  So let us laugh for that is the way to live a happy life.
My final joke:  I'm going home teaching tonight by teaching my home how to behave when visitors are stopping by for a visit, how to learn to read the weather, teach it how to count and learn the alphabet.


Mommy said...

Thanks for the giggles.

Kdog said...

Your welcome. Glad that I could make you laugh!